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Gary: Don’t take it too seriously.

Mark: Yeah, like yesterday Gaz was farting and laughing-

Gary: You what?!

Mark: Like a kid, farting and laughing.

Howard: All day!

Mark: All day he was!

*Howard and Mark burst into laughter*

Mark: Its like he’s 10 again!

Gary: I think I did one trump at the end of the day.

Howard: I counted 20!

Magic 105.4 (via markowenland)
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    Magic 105.4

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    Take That interview


Second part of the boys interview on Magic 105.4 today (10-12-14) where:

-Howard’s brother thought These Days sounded like a 1D song (wtf?)

-Gary said there are no ballads on III (wtf?)

-And of course the farting story…

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